Unfiled taxes create huge problems for taxpayers.

Every year that you have to file your taxes, it’s pretty straightforward. If you don’t file them on time you get slapped with interest and penalties, and while you’re building your business, working on your brand, and trying to save money to expand, you’re losing some. Now, the government doesn’t care if you were short on money and didn’t pay your taxes, or you forgot to file your taxes, or that life came in the way, and you had more important things to take care of, but we care. There’s a way we can help you out.

Before we go on we just want to make it clear that it’s always in your best interest to file your taxes on time.  If you file your taxes on time you pay only the amount you owed. Once you miss that, then you fall into interest and penalties. You are held responsible by the Canada Revenue Agency for being late and in their eyes, it is of no consequence if there was a reason that things were delayed or missed. But going forward, there is a program for people who were unlucky enough to be in this kind of situation.

The program called the Voluntary Disclosure Program. If you fall into this situation, you can come forward and we can help. We can get your penalties dropped, and save you quite a bit of money. The interest is a little bit harder to deal, but you call us, and ask about the VDP program, and we’ll help you out. We’re here to save your money, and give you some piece of mind.