Corporate taxes are a huge aspect of our business. We deal with many corporate accounts, day in and day out, and so we know about the corporate tax system. Corporate taxes require the tax preparer to properly understand the corporate structure as well as its purpose.  After we have an initial meeting with you, we understand what your end goal is and we take your future tax planning into consideration – we take over from there. We understand and specialize in corporate taxes.

If you happen to be on this page looking for general information on incorporation, please look at our incorporation page.

Our corporate tax return package is made specifically for your corporation in mind. We look at which of our services would suit your situation the best. We customize our business model for you. Let’s quickly take a look at some of the services we provide.

We help you get your business started, we sit down and talk and find out what your goal is. We will help you establish yourself and introduce you to people who are interested in networking. After we get your business established, we take care of your payroll and bookkeeping. When tax time comes around, we take your source documentation, like any receipts or invoices you have, compare them to your bank and credit card statements, and prepare your financials. We’re not a seasonal business, we’re working all year long for you, so any assistance you need throughout, you can always call us.

That’s a very basic snapshot of what we do. We will customize our package to suit your needs.