Your financial statement is what we are here to do. Creating credible and accurate financial statements according to GAAP (generally accepted accounting principles) are part of our professional services. Acquiring and keeping a proper financial statement is the responsibility of the directors of the corporation and we are here to do to assist you in doing that part.

To create your financial statements, we require your source documentation. People brings this to us in all sorts of ways, like a garbage bag full of invoices, grocery bags full of transactions, shoeboxes filled with receipts, neatly organized piles of bank and credit card statements, or even a copy of any ‘QuickBooks’ or “simply accounting’ software. How we get data is not important, as long as we get it. The important part comes after.

Once we receive your source documentation we analyze it to ensure that nothing is missing. In the analyzing process, we sort your documents, break down your expenses and we will use that raw data to start forming your financials. This end result will normally include an income statement, a balance sheet, a set of depreciation schedules, and a cash flow statement but if your needs anything else or does not require any of the above, we work around that too. The financial statements we create are always comparative, so you do not just have the financial statement for the current year, we also have the financial statements for the previous year as well. This gives you a clearer picture of your financial affairs. The comparative statement quickly brings to light the changes from last year to this year, giving you an amazing in-depth outlook on your business.