Tax season is already here, are you ready to file your taxes? What can you claim in your taxes? Are you looking for tax advice? Do you have any other tax questions?

We offer personal tax return preparations and income tax filling. We offer personal tax solutions to people in all sorts of situations. If you are ready to file your employment taxes, or any other taxes, give us a call and we will get the highest tax refund possible for you, and file them electronically (E-file) to get you your refund as quick as possible.

We take care of multiple tax situations; everything from no income to all kinds of income; T4 income, T3 investment income, T5 interest or dividend income, RRSP income, T4A(P) pension income, T4A(OAS) old age security income, capital gains income, to name a few. On the tax exemption, and tax credit side, we handle personal exemptions, age exemptions, marriage or spousal exemptions, amounts for an eligible dependent, exemption on CPP premiums, exemption on EI premiums and so forth.

We ensure to claim your volunteer fire fighters amount, usage of public transit amounts, children’s fitness amounts, children’s arts amounts, caregiver’s amounts, home buyer’s amounts, adoption expenses, disability amounts, disability amounts transferred from your dependents, interest paid on student loans, tuition, education and text book amounts, medical expenses, overseas employment tax credits, political contribution amount, and many more.

For example, if your kids are studying in a college or university, you may be able to claim $5000 tax credit. There are so many other things to talk about; we can provide tax tips and tax planning. The short of the long is that we are tax professionals, and we are the experts in preparation and filing of personal income tax services.

Let’s meet together and explore what is best for you.