Are you couple years behind in filling your taxes? Maybe even more? We can help. Come talk to us and we might be able to get your entire late filling penalty waived. Late filling penalties can sky rocket as high as fifty percent of unpaid taxes. That’s one dollar for every two. Ouch. Maybe we can get it all waived. Call us to make an appointment. We will file all your taxes, and we will get all your penalties waived.

We live in a society of procrastination and chances are you probably got here by searching “last day to file taxes”. We don’t mean to make harsh assumptions but maybe you, or somebody you know fell into this trap, missed their deadlines, and now has to pay a ridiculous amount of penalties. Now you don’t.

Now you’re probably thinking, wait…what?! No interest? What kind of backwards pseudo-science manipulation are these accountants practicing? This is real. This is legitimate. Sometimes we miss deadlines. It’s part of being busy, hard-working members of society. We can get your interest waived. Call us at (905) 696-9800 and let’s figure out your situation. Someone else might tell you to cross your fingers and hope your eligible, but this isn’t about hope. This is about talking to an expert, and that’s why you are here.